Wooden Boats in Today’s Modern World

Wooden Boats in Today’s Modern World

Humanity has been making wooden boats all along its history. Wood constituted the sole usable material till the advent of steel and fiberglass. Additional materials such as aluminum have also been employed in modern times to construct boats. As   plumbing installation

   curious as it might seem, even concrete has been used, through ferrous cement.

However, in today’s showrooms, you will not find many wooden boats, and sometimes you will not find even one. Most models will be made of shining fiberglass or aluminum, with ultra-modern looks. Boats made of wood have now become old-fashioned, and only a small handful of enthusiasts continue to praise these designs, most of the time as amateur builders. And it is true that if one wants to construct his own boat, wooden designs are one of the only options. Most other techniques require high skills and complicated tooling, especially when it comes to fiberglass. Even with the right instructions and training, it would still be difficult and require a delicate setup.

Wooden boats also give a kind of nostalgic feeling. When we build a wood boat, we are somewhat repeating the same kind of work boat builders have done for centuries. However, there can be some differences today, as some kinds of marine lumber have become extinct. Unfortunately, some of these species were among the best available to build boats. Some old ships made of these species of lumber still exist today, which is a testimony of their longevity. For instance, the King Billy Pine was made of such a hard lumber that it should basically last indefinitely. This lumber is so good that the wood from the old roots of the extinct trees are still used today to maintain this ship and make small repairs. However, the living trees have now disappeared, and one day or the other, no more of this kind of lumber will be available.

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