Website Design Ideas – Tips For Designing Your Own Web Page

This article describes some tips for answering the question “Where do I start?” in regards to web page design. Future articles will delve into the specific elements of the page design itself.

The secret to being successful as an online marketer is to 웹하드  have your own web site selling a product or service. Do you know how to create a page or edit one? There is always a need to be able to Edit a page, even though you did not create the page, and it is not hard to do with some guidance. If budget permits, you can outsource your design, but someone just starting in Internet Marketing may not have the budget to outsource.

Where do I start? There are some things that should be done before you get to creating the page. You should select the niche and the title for your web site.

Set up a project folder (on your hard disk) for your website niche to hold only your website files for the pages you are designing. Work in that folder only (put all of the files associated with the web page design in that folder). For example, if you are creating a page selling “gizmos”, create a folder for your gizmos files. If you are creating a page on photography, create a different folder for this project. It is also good practice (Not necessary) to set up an “images” folder to hold your graphics/picture files associated with your pages. This makes it easier later on to select a graphics/picture for insertion into your page.

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