Top Twitter Tips For Business

Top Twitter Tips For Business

Twitter has been a powerful asset for my business!  It’s one of those things that has really fit me. I’m not really a sociable person in real life but it really fits me well and it’s been a huge asset download video from twitter

 for my business. I got really into it last November or December. I’ve a list here of things right off the top of my head that I noticed that people do wrong and that people should be doing and things that I do that makes twitter work.

1. Picture: Your picture (the avatar picture) in almost all cases should be a picture of you. You don’t have to have a portrait quality picture, that’s not really necessary. What’s really important is it’s a picture of you.

2. Username: In almost all cases, your username needs to be your first and last names. You need to have your name viewable. If you want to use your business name, go ahead but then also include your real name so that when they click on your avatar, they will see your real name. I see too many businesses on Twitter, people trying to run an online business and don’t tell their names – that is crazy! You must  have your name up there. I just use Steve Weber, that’s my username and a lot of marketers, that’s just what they use. If you have a choice (unless you have a really good reason not to), use your name as your username. You can change usernames any time you like.

3. Tweets: 90 to 95% of the “tweets” need to be about good content. Say something worthwhile! It doesn’t have to be about your niche, your area; it can just be about life in general or current events. Post a topic worth reading and is interesting enough to catch people’s attention. Point people to links on your site or your blog, to cool links that you found on the Internet. Direct people into that kind of content, that’s relative to either your specific niche or to a lot of people who are into Internet and computer because those are the ones in general who are always in Twitter. A lot of people are interested in all kinds, all things in the Internet. About 95% of the time, (that sounds like a lot, but really you need to do that) you are sending them content and not some kind of offer to buy something.

4. Blog: A lot of times, I create blog posts that have really good content in them; but also I have an offer on that page. So it’s not like I’m sending them right to a sales page. I send them to a blog post that has really good information and say, “By the way, here is a link to an offer or here’s a link to a free download.” Most of the time I have a video on that page and they see that I sent them to my page with really good content or to somebody else’s really good content. You just can’t put up every other tweet to be a link to a sales page. You just can’t do that. That just totally defeats your purpose.

5. Be Consistent: If you are not consistent, then don’t bother. Don’t waste your time. If you’re going to get on Twitter once or twice a week, just forget it. You are just wasting the time that you’re on twitter. If you want to make twitter work as a marketing tool, you have to get on it every single day. Sure, on an emergency or something that came up that you cannot get on to your computer, that happens, but if Twitter is going to work as a marketing tool for you, you have to login and check your account every single day. Not all day! You don’t have to be on there every hour, every day. However, you need to be on there to check the replies and check your direct messages and respond back to people, and communicate with people and put some tweets up and keep your self relevant, keep your account moving forward and keep your account out there in front of people. You just have to do it. If you can’t do that, it may not be for you. You don’t have to use Twitter as a marketing tool. If you can’t be relatively consistent in using Twitter then don’t waste your time but it is a very powerful tool. If you choose to do that, if it fits you, then go for it. If it doesn’t, then don’t waste your time by once or twice a week getting on there.

6. Always Be Present. Always reply; always check your direct messages (DMs) throughout the day. Every time you get on twitter, you should always check your DMs and always check your replies. I highly suggest you to use Tweetdeck; it makes this whole process of keeping up with your DMs and your replies easier. If you just use the web interface for twitter, it’s too much work trying to keep up with all that stuff. But Tweetdeck makes it a whole lot easier because it keeps track of that stuff right on the screen for you.

7. Be Social. If people re-tweet you, if they have a little re-tweet right in front of your tweet, re-tweet it to their followers. Always thank them, or say something nice to them, reply or add them to your follow Friday list — something to acknowledge them. Be social, be nice, recognize and appreciate them. Check your daily feed in twitter, look at some people and try to follow people. Whenever you are on twitter, try to always respond to somebody, you have to be social. You will be amazed at the connections and the contacts you’ll make if you’ll do that.

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