Assisted Living Versus Nursing Home Care

Assisted Living Versus Nursing Home Care

How do you know if you or your loved-one need assisted living?

Assisted living facilities are meant for those people that need some assistance with everyday needs like dressing, eating, bathing, laundry, house cleaning and medication management.  Best Hospice Care in Los Angeles     These facilities can range from:

Private homes with 6 to 8 residents

Medium size facilities of around 55 residents

Large facilities with as many as 400 residents

Your choice has to do with personal preference for atmosphere and level of activities wanted.

A small assisted living home offers certain advantages like more familiarity. With only a few residents in the home, only a minimal staff is required, so it is easier to develop a more intimate relationship with the care providers. Also the atmosphere is more like home where residents will eat together in the family kitchen or dining room just like they would at home; or they sit and watch televisions together in the living room. This tends to create more of a family-type impression. After all, it is a house so it feels more like being in your own home.

On the other hand, there are many advantages to a larger facility because you can have your own private apartment plus they tend to have a lot of activities and special amenities. You can find assisted living facilities with swimming pools, workout rooms, class rooms, movie theaters, spas, arranged outings and individual dining rooms where you can order off a menu. Depending upon your budget and the area where you want to live, you can have almost any lifestyle you want.

Assisted living facilities can be for those that need just a little care or someone that needs a lot. You or your loved-one will be assessed at the time of admission and once living in a facility, will then be closely monitored for any health issues. Care is then adjusted based on needs.

How do you know if you need a nursing home?

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