Product Review – UK Paye And Payroll Software

Product Review – UK Paye And Payroll Software  

DIY Accounting Payroll Software is written on a series of excel spreadsheet templates.
Small business payroll solution available in the UK for up to 5 employees, up to 10 employees and a third  , Payroll Services near me   version of the payroll for up to 20 employees.

The basic details of each employee are entered on an Employee Details worksheet including personal details such as name, address, starting date, income tax code and national insurance details. Details which every employer needs to maintain anyway to satisfy the requirements of operating a paye scheme. The payroll software then uses the pay data entered such as income tax code and dates and national insurance dates to calculate the income tax deductions and national insurance contributions of both employee and employer. Once the employee details have been entered running a paye system couldn’t be easier.

The payroll software pre-enters each employee’s name on the payroll each week or month and simply entering the employee gross pay triggers the payroll to automatically calculate income tax and national insurance contributions including the employers’ national insurance contribution using the standard income tax and national insurance tables which are embedded within the files supplied with the payroll software system.

Having calculated the net pay the payroll software then goes that extra step and automatically completes the time consuming paye deduction sheets, all arranged in the same appearance as the official inland revenue deductions sheet for recording income tax and national insurance deductions. In addition also included in the employee paye section are copies of the employee P60 certificate, P45 if required and the P14 which is a summary of the pay, income tax and national insurance contributions made by each employee. This feature of the payroll software is extremely valuable in saving employers using the small business payroll solution a great deal of time in paye administration.

Many payroll software systems require the purchase of payslip stationery. The DIY Accounting payroll software is different in this respect. First of all the payslips are all generated automatically from the information in the payroll file which shows the weekly or monthly gross and net pay, income tax and national insurance and the gross numbers to date. The Payslips all preset on payslip templates can be printed at any time on normal A4 copy paper being another money saving feature of the paye solution.

The income tax and national insurance deducted throughout the financial year are automatically collected by the payroll software on an excel copy of the Employers Annual return, the P35. An excel copy in the same format as the inland revenue form which can be simply printed out enabling the payroll figures to then be entered and filed online for employers to both avoid late penalties and receive the online tax free bonus available.

The DIY Accounting Payroll Software is easily integrated into the DIY Accounting Software solutions for both self employed and limited companies when the payroll software files are saved in the same folder as the accounting files providing a complete accountancy solution for clients.

Payroll Software Weaknesses

The DIY Accounting payroll system does not deal with income tax K codes. The income tax code K is used infrequently being applicable to those employees whose taxable expenses exceed the income tax allowance and is often never seen by most employers.

Employer statutory sick pay and maternity leave require to be entered manually. Considered to be a minor weakness since these figures when applicable can be easily looked up on the employers CD-Rom as required.

The quoted package sizes of 5 employees, 10 employees and 20 employees include all employees during the year including new starters and leavers and it is important then to obtain a package likely to be in excess of the total number of expected employees to avoid changing the payroll solution during the financial year.


At £14.99 the small business payroll software for up to 5 employees including starters and leavers is almost a giveaway price with many competitive products priced much higher. The 10 employee payroll version is £19.99 and the 20 employee payroll version just £24.99. Considering the paye administrative work the payroll systems save. The packages are not upgraded each year with employers purchasing the new package each financial year.

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