Hormone Havoc – Are Your Sagging Hormone Levels Aging You Prematurely?

Hormone Havoc – Are Your Sagging Hormone Levels Aging You Prematurely?

For ladies as they enter midlife and past the blend of fluctuating menstrual cycles and hormone levels can regularly leave you Hormone optimization therapy overpowered. Various manifestations begin to give the idea that leave you contemplating whether you are going to lose your brain and body.

You start to have self-uncertainty, and nervousness: lost fearlessness and sentiments of instability: your body begins to turn out to be delicate and droopy with wrinkles and lines showing up all over: your hair grays and starts falling: sex becomes un-fascinating and schedule.

Does this all solid natural? As a lady in the event that you have encountered the above physical and passionate issues you are in good company: this is a typical situation.

For men there is a comparative condition known as Andropause, which additionally speaks to a significant defining moment: your memory begins going, your sex drive drops, your muscles become overweight and you begin to pack on the fat.

So do you need to simply acknowledge these changes? Is this the start of the end for the two people?

Obviously not! With the correct information and with the right activities there is no motivation behind why you can’t voyage through midlife and stay solid, attractive, sound, vigorous and with an uplifting point of view a ways into your later years.

By checking your hormone levels and by utilizing the most recent, sheltered and compelling treatments to help your diminishing hormones, you can journey through this time of your existence without a glitch.

What’s going on with Your Hormones?

Estrogen, Progesterone, Cortisol, DHEA, Testosterone, HGH

Hormone uneven characters in the two people can be showed in a wide assortment of ways, which can vary uncontrollably between any 2 individuals. How about we take a gander at a rundown of indications and indications of hormone irregularity or lack to check whether you might be a contender for hormone substitution treatment: Please answer yes or no to the accompanying side effect list.

Do you have any of the accompanying manifestations?:

Hot Flashes/Night Sweats


Draining Irregularities/Menstrual Changes

Undesirable Hair Growth

Loss of Muscle Tone

Expanded Body Fat/Weight Gain

Scalp Hair Loss

Low Sex Drive/less Orgasms

Helpless Memory/Foggy reasoning

Diminishing Skin/Increased Wrinkling

Joint Pain and Stiffness

Monster Lumps

Headache Headaches



Enthusiastic Instability or emotional episodes

Bone Loss

On the off chance that you addressed “Yes” to at least 2 in the above rundown chances are you may have a hormone irregularity.

Further to this underlying side effect agenda, the subsequent stage you have to take is to really have your hormone levels precisely estimated to decide precisely which ones are low and how much.

Hormone Testing

The most ideal approach to quantify hormone levels is through your salivation. Blood and pee tests have been usually used to test hormones before, anyway neither of these is as exact at testing free, dynamic hormone levels as spit, which is extremely exact, simple to do from your home, and includes no needles. Likewise salivation testing is the main powerful approach to screen effective hormone supplementation.

The greatest preferred position of salivation testing is that it can gauge free or organically dynamic hormone levels. Blood serum tests just measure aggregate or bound hormone levels, while salivation gets the little segment of hormone that is dynamic or unbound.

It is the free or unbound dynamic hormone that is utilitarian and valuable to your body and to your cells, not the bound or put away hormone, which is futile to your body. So why at that point would you need to gauge the blood levels of this?

Conventional medication has been so dependent on blood testing for all that a great many people don’t scrutinize its adequacy. Notwithstanding, there has been solid logical proof to help the idea that salivation testing is substantially more viable than blood testing for hormones since 1983.

Salivation testing just estimates free hormone, and it is the free hormone which applies its consequences for your body. The salivary organ acts like a strainer and channels out the blood transporter proteins, letting us measure the free hormones legitimately.

Most hormones are bound to a transporter protein and are not open to the objective organ (heart, mind and so forth). Knowing the degree of the free unbound or dynamic hormone is significant for deciding whether treatment is essential, and how much hormone is required.

In the event that a portion of your hormones are low, at that point you ought to consider boosting them utilizing the cutting edge in hormone substitution treatment.

Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy

Bio-indistinguishable hormones are protected and viable as they are the specific biochemical make up as your body’s own characteristic hormones. This is a long ways from the engineered hormones that have been utilized for a long time. For instance the engineered hormone PremPro that was usually given to menopausal ladies in the 1980 – 90’s, was found to build the occurrence of malignant growth, coronary illness, stroke and blood clumps in the lungs (2002 World Health Initiative examination, and 1996-2001 Million Women Study in the UK).

This medication is a blend of Premarin (manufactured estrogen got from pregnant ponies) and Provera (engineered progesterone called progestin) and it was affirmed by the FDA for treating hormone uneven characters in ladies. At the point when the updates on the medical problems broke concerning this medication in 2002 enormous quantities of ladies relinquished this medication.

In the accompanying year(2003) bosom malignant growth rates in the US declined an astounding 7% (Reported by MD Anderson Cancer Center at University of Texas).

This is firm proof that manufactured hormones are best dodged no matter what.

Bio-indistinguishable hormones (got from normal plants) then again have been discovered in studies to be far more secure than artificial materials as your body remembers them as its own hormones. They are an exact imitation of the hormones delivered in your pituitary, ovaries, adrenals, thyroid and testicles.

Bio-indistinguishable hormones can prompt an emotional improvement in your wellbeing and an inversion of many age related indications and signs.

It is essential to initially get an exact appraisal of the degrees of the free hormones in your body, and this must be finished utilizing salivation hormone testing. Following the testing, your PCP can inform your with respect to what type with respect to bio-indistinguishable hormones your body requires for ideal wellbeing.

Hormones can greatly affect your wellbeing – on the off chance that they are too low your wellbeing will break down and you can feel like you’re living in damnation.

Its to your greatest advantage to take a gander at your hormones before your wellbeing decays fundamentally. Counteraction is far simpler than fix.

Dr Theodore is an Australian Medical Doctor currently living in Asia.

His Major Specialties are; Anti Aging Medicine, Whole Body Detoxification, Natural Health and Healing, Male Enhancement, Ozone Therapy, Fat Loss and Body Re-Sculpting, Exercise With Oxygen Therapy, Nutritional Counseling, Life Coaching, Meditation and Spiritual Guidance.

He has prepared in Australia and furthermore in the USA (Boston, Chicago, LA) and Europe. He is the Founder of the Asian Society of Anti Aging Medicine (ASOAAM), and a Member of the American Academy of Anti Aging Medicine and the World Anti Aging Academy of Medicine.

He is a Lecturer and Trainer in Anti Aging Medicine, Whole Body Ozone Therapy, Whole Body Detoxification, Natural Health and Healing.

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