Jimmie Van Zant HEP C Awareness Initiative

Are you Age 45 - 65?

"Please watch the music video below. The life you save might be your own!"

- Jimmie Van Zant (12/22/1956 - 4/7/2016) Age, 59

Help fight HEP C. All proceeds (less taxes) will be donated to prevent cancer logo.

It is our hope that the message of this video, 'Get Tested, Get Cured' will reach out and educate the millions of Classic Rock, Southern Rock and Country music fans regarding Hepatitis C infection and the need to get tested, and if positive, be treated and cured.

why get tested
millions of people infected

3.5 million people in the U.S. have HEP C. About half don't even know they have it.

hep c test needed

HEP C is not part of a routine blood test. People may have the disease with no symptoms.

baby boomers

Baby Boomers are 5 times more likely to have HEP C than any other age group.

hep c is a killer

Each year, more people die from HEP C than HIV. Get tested, there is a cure.

our story

A Call To Action

The VanZant name is one of the most instantly recognizable and respected in all of rock music. After all, it is the surname shared by a long-line of musicians who have left their mark on popular music for the past several decades - original Lynyrd Skynrd singer Ronnie, modern day Skynyrd singer Johnny, .38 Special singer-guitarist Donnie, and solo artist Jimmie.

The latter built up a large and loyal following during the '90s and early 21st century on the strength of such albums as The Jimmie Van Zant Band (1996), Southern Comfort (2000), and Feels Like Freedom (2012), while also performing over 200 shows per year. Sadly, the southern rock veteran succumbed to liver cancer in 2016, brought on by hepatitis C, which Jimmie did not know he had - until it was too late. But thanks to his wife, Zee, and friend/band mate, Gary Dvorkin, perhaps Jimmie's tragic passing will soon make a difference in the lives of those who loved the music as he did - yet might be similarly afflicted.

Mr. Dvorkin and Zohra Van Zant are donating all of the money raised by the download sales of "Your Song (Harry) from Jimmie, LIVE!” to PreventCancer.org (The Prevent Cancer Foundation), the leading organization creating awareness concerning the need to get tested for Hepatitis C infection. Please watch the music video, as the life you save might be your own. And if you like the track, by purchasing it you will help us spread the word - GET TESTED, GET CURED!

risk factors

Risk Factors for Acquiring HCV

  • Blood product transfusions prior to July 1992
  • Receipt of a solid organ transplant
  • Hemophilia with receipt of factor concentrates
  • Male homosexual activity
  • Injection drug use
  • Body tattoos, piercings received in unsanitary conditions
  • Intranasal cocaine and/or methamphetamine use

HEP C is a virus that can be transmitted by a very small amount of blood, not visible to the naked eye. Even a small amount of contaminated blood that goes unnoticed can cause infection.

HCV prevelance is highest amoong persons born during 1945 to 1965. That's 2.62 million people estimated to be infected, half of them do no know it.


If you do have HEP C, it can be cured. Recent scientific advances have made today's treatments for HEP C shorter and more effective, with cure rates of around 95% and an average length of treatment of 12 weeks. These advances have made a real difference - it's estimated that in the past few years, more people have been treated and cured of HEPC than in the previous decade.

The goal of Hep C treatment is to be cured. You are considered cured when a lab test done 3 months after you’ve completed treatment does not find any Hep C virus in your blood.

No more loved ones have to needlessly die. Get tested, and if needed, get cured.

Jimmie Van Zant in the studio